Valley Estate Subdivision

Upscale living at affordable prices

Ever dream of designing and building your own home?
If you are seeking to create a special home environment, with plenty of room to grow,
space to breathe, and vistas upon which to cast your eye, than there is such a place
and it is within your reach. Look no farther than Valley Estate, the newest development
in central St. Maarten.

Valley Estates offers generous building lots complete with infrastructure and 24/7 security, where you can create your home and live beyond your dreams...

Valley Estate is a project designed and engineered by
Independent Consulting Engineers (ICE)

The planning, engineering and care being devoted to the design of Valley Estate is certain to assure to those seeking to invest in the properties. The slope on the hill just east of Ebenezer is a moderate one, with stable rock underlying. ICE has developed the lots with attention to the natural drainage patterns and slope stability. Trees and other natural vegetation are to be left in place to further protect and beautify the landscapes. The development is in accordance with island regulations (VROM requirements and the Hillside policy) and will preserve the natural feel of the area.

Full infrastructure to each lot is provided in terms of road access, water, electricity, cable TV, telephone, and street lighting.
A security system with barriers operated with access codes and camera surveillance, makes this development the first secured community in this price range in Sint Maarten.

Valley estate in the news:

January 10 2012, Weekender Article, The Daily Herald Download:
-Valley Estate Subdivision Offering Affordable building lots

November 13 2012, today Newspaper:
This project has been referred to by Minister Of VROMI, William Marlin, as;
".. a prime example of proper development where proper drainage, roads, street lighting and underground cabling all form part of the suburban community."

February 25 2013, Weekender Article, The Daily Herald:



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